why do some people think the French are cold?

    why do some people think the French are cold?

  • 1 they think they're hostile

    A recent international survey showed that the french capital was one of the most hostile touristic destination in the world.  

  • 2 they think they're rude to tourists

    According to the french government, French people are not open to speaking to strangers, they also don't speak very good English that's why tourists get the wrong idea that they're being rude.   

  • 3 they think they lack sense of humor

    Some people think that the french are less likely to accept humor, because they're formal and they're not open to accept humor from strangers.   

  • 4 they think they're arrogant

    Some people think that the French people are arrogant and used to criticizing a lot. Which gives the wrong idea that they're rude, however some other people think that it's just something that they're used to. 

  • 5 they dont smile a lot

    French people don't smile a lot and they tend to be more hostile than friendly. They don't usually smile or to talk to strangers in the street. 

  • 6 they avoid speaking English

    The french government put a rule that 50% of the music played on radios should be in french, almost every document, every business communication, everything is in french, this rule limited their access to English knowledge.   

  • 7 they're shy

    French people are not used to showing off their feelings exaggeratedly to strangers. This usually seems rude or cold behavior to some people, when it's actually shyness.  

  • 8 they're not random

    Some Americans tend to believe that french people are cold because they don't make random comments like they do, however other people think that french people are just used to keeping their mouth sealed if they don't have something important to say.  

  • 9 they're formal

    In France, formality and etiquette are rules to people. They dont usually aquentance with someone unless they were introduced to them. For instance, if someone goes up to a french guy and say' hi, I'm Jaques' the french guy would find it unacceptable.   

  • 10 some people think they complain a lot

    French people are usually honest, they like to say what ever they want and always complain about whatever bugs them.

  • 11 they like people to say 'Bonjour' first

    Shop sellers usually tend to be rude if you don't say 'bonjour' before you ask for what you want. 

  • 12 they think they have misconceptions

    Many french people have a lot of misconceptions about foreigners. For instance if you're a Romanian they'll immediately think that you're a thief.