Why do some photographers still use film cameras?

    Why do some photographers still use film cameras?

  • 1 They trust its shutter lag

    The shutter lag is the time between clicking on the shutter button and capturing the picture. The shutter delay in digital cameras is usually slower than film cameras which can cause the photographer to miss some shots of flying birds or of children running.

  • 2 They take a few pictures

    Film cameras force you to think twice before taking any picture and that's because of its minimal exposures (24 frames/film), while digital cameras allows more than 5000 photos on a 150 GB memory card. The huge number of pictures can be very tiring during the editing and selection process.

  • 3 They think it's cheaper

    Today's DSLR cameras are very expensive, while film cameras can merely cost a few hundred dollars and still make you produce high quality images.

  • 4 They like photo albums

    People liked to print photos with film cameras in the past and make memorable photo albums, which is something that a digital camera doesn't offer.

  • 5 They like the development

    For several reasons, some photographers still tend to develop their photos in dark rooms rather than editing them on photo editing software. Some photographers think it's a very relaxing process and some others like the smell of the chemicals. 

  • 6 They like to blend images

    In a film camera, you can blend a group of pictures together in one frame unlike digital cameras which force you to blend pictures on a photo-editing software. 

  • 7 They're used to it

    Old photographers or photographers who've been taking photos since the 60's are more used to film cameras than digital cameras.

  • 8 They like color saturation

    Film cameras are more real and selective in colors, which is a thing that gives life to the picture and reduces effort in the editing process. 

  • 9 They like its resolution

    The 35 mm film is known to be the best film when it comes to picture resolution and it's always better than the latest cameras in the market.

  • 10 It helps them learn

    Shooting with a film camera is a lot more detailed than a digital camera. Professional photographers believe that learning on a film camera first can help you understand photography better.