why do we have bad dreams about the ones we love

    why do we have bad dreams about the ones we love

  • 1 We are Concerned about them

    Dreams can sometimes be nothing more than a reflection of our concerns. If we are concerned about someone then we might see them in our dreams. Seeing a bad dream about someone doesn't mean that they are really in danger. See also why we dream about people.

  • 2 Our brain wants to motivate us

    According to experts dreams can sometimes have the purpose of motivating us to do something. If we saw someone we love in danger then we might become motivated to treat them well or to be nice to them.

  • 3 We are worried about their loyality

    If you are worried about your partner's loyalty then you might dream that they are cheating on you. In such a case the dream is nothing more than a reflection of your worries and concerns.

  • 4 The person needs help

    According to people who believe in telepathy a dream can be a message sent to you by someone else. If a close person is in trouble then you might dream about them and this is considered one form of telepathy.

  • 5 Our brains want to train us

    According to psychologists dreams can have the purpose of training us to face certain situations. In such a case your mind might let you see something bad in a dream in order to train you to face it in real life.

  • 6 It could be a vision

    According to some people dreams can be visions that reflect the future. Seeing a dream about someone might be a vision about their possible fate. 

  • 7 They could be just symbols

    Sometimes our brain will replace people in our dreams with those who resemble them. We might dream of someone thinking that the dream is about them while in fact our brains could be referring to someone else.

  • 8 We are afraid to lose them

    If you are too afraid to lose someone you love then you might get a bad dream about them every now and then. In such a case the dream is nothing more than a reflection of your fears and worries.

  • 9 We think they are in trouble

    If we already know that someone we love is in trouble then those thoughts might be reflected in our dreams. In such a case the bad dream might be just a reminder of what's taking place in real life.

  • 10 They are very important to us

    According to psychologists we dream about the people we care about the most. If you care about someone a lot then it makes a lot of sense that you see them in your dreams often.