Why do some people love Final Fantasy 7?

    Why do some people love Final Fantasy 7?

  • 1 Incredible storyline

    Final Fantasy 7 is not just a game, it's a movie with an incredible story line. The story was perfectly written. Once you start playing you will feel the urge to find out what is going to happen next.

  • 2 Very strong emotional connection with the characters

    Unlike other games that introduce characters quickly and then let them go, Final Fantasy 7 works on creating a very strong emotional connection between the player and the characters by telling their personal stories, showing their problems and letting the players live in their world.

  • 3 Wide variety of perfectly created characters

    People like to identify with the main characters of a game. Each person usually likes the game where the main character represents him the most. Final fantasy has a variety of awesome characters that makes it very easy for a player to find a character that represents him.

  • 4 Revolutionary graphics compared to older versions

    Final fantasy 7 has made a quantum leap in graphics compared to the older final fantasy versions. People who were already final fantasy fans were impressed by the new level of graphics they saw in Final fantasy 7.

  • 5 Breathtaking music

    Nobuo Uematsu, one of the most celebrated music composers, created breathtaking music for Final Fantasy 7. In 2012 'Aerith's Theme', written by Uematsu for Final Fantasy VII, reached the 16th position on the annual Classic FM (UK) 'Hall of Fame' top 300 chart.

  • 6 All genres, one game

    Final Fantasy contains adventure, mystery, romance, fantasy, comedy and almost everything else you can imagine. Playing the game is like watching a very long multiple genre movie.

  • 7 Teaching players important core values

    The game is very deep; it teaches players very important core values such as courage, sacrifice, persistence, optimism, honour, resilience and many more.

  • 8 People can get very emotional (spoiler alert)

    There are scenes where the game can get extremely emotional. Some Final fantasy fans actually cried during Aeries' death theme. The game is very emotionally stimulating compared to most games.

  • 9 You get totally absorbed in a new world

    The world of Final Fantasy 7 is like nothing you have seen before. Yes, there are some similarities with our own world, like cars for example, but there are so many things that are totally unexpected such as summons, monsters, magic and even giant beasts called weapons that protect the earth.

  • 10 Some characters are very attractive

    Some fans developed crushes on Tifa, others admired cloud's courage, while others were impressed by Sephiroth's extreme powers. The game satisfies many of the needs people have and this is one of the reasons it became very popular.

  • 11 The Materia system is great

    The Materia system, the way you organize magical powers and spells for each character before you enter a battle, is extremely interesting. Some fans spend over 30 minutes before important battles thinking about the best combination of Materia.

  • 12 Many lessons to learn

    The game allows you to live the life of many heroes. Each of them has his own problems, mistakes, thoughts and goals. There are so many important life lessons that can be learned from the different characters.

  • 13 It's not just a game

    Final Fantasy 7 is not just a game; it's an experience. It's something that you live, breathe and think of all the time until you finish it.