Why embracing change is important for success

    Why embracing change is important for success

  • 1 Because the rules change

    Change happens all the time, and as a result, what worked yesterday might not work today. People who remain in their comfort zones are usually shocked when they discover that their old methods no longer work (see Why failure is important for success).

  • 2 Because the early bird gets the worm

    Those who spot major changes at their beginning usually find very interesting opportunities. Some of the first people to think about creating websites back when the internet was new were rewarded greatly.

  • 3 Because you will be left out

    Most people will adapt to new changes, leaving the ones who failed to do so behind. The person who resists change will have a higher chance of losing his position to the ones who don't resist it.

  • 4 New technologies emerge all the time

    Traditional newspapers that refused to embrace the internet suffered badly because of their lack of desire to change their methods. New technologies come up all the time and those who don't adapt to them usually lose.

  • 5 Because you won't get different results

    If you keep doing what you are doing, you will always get the same results you've been getting. If you want to get new results then you need to adopt new behaviours or embrace change (see Video Summary Will Smith shares his secrets of success).

  • 6 Because you will become tough

    In order to embrace change, you will have to go against many of your fears and worries. As you keep doing so, your personality will evolve and you will become stronger in the face of life.

  • 7 Because the rate of change is becoming faster

    With the advancement in technology, the rate of change is becoming faster. This means that those who don't quickly adapt to new changes are less likely to survive. Long ago, it was possible to resist change for some time, but these days it can be very costly.

  • 8 You will be more in control

    Instead of waiting for things to happen and feeling helpless, you will be more in control when you embrace change. By taking the first step in exploring new possibilities, change will hardly be able to surprise you and you will feel more in control.

  • 9 Some businesses died because they refused to change

    History is full of stories about very large organizations that didn't survive because they refused to embrace change. Companies that innovate and try to change their methods all the time usually become much more successful than companies that don't (see Top reasons businesses fail).

  • 10 Change can end misfortune

    Sometimes change is the only solution to an important problem. Even though the process of change can be unpleasant to many people, it can still be very rewarding if the right change is implemented at the right time. In many cases, change can make life much better.

  • 11 Change can make you optimistic

    Because it's hard to expect great things when you do the same things everyday, change can make you optimistic. When you change your methods, you open the door to many new opportunities, and as a result, you might become more optimistic.