Why Humans Fear the Unknown

  • 1 They like to be in control

    People who always like to be in control usually find it hard to let go of this power and go after something unkown or unpredictable.

  • 2 They like routine

    People who enjoy living according to a certain routine or lifestyle won't change it for something unknown to them. 

  • 3 They don't like getting out of their comfort zones

    Some people are too scared to get out of their comfort zone and explore the unknown because they would rather stick to the things they're familiar with.

  • 4 They're not adventurous

    Unadventurous people do not like to venture into the unknown and prefer to keep doing the things they're used to.

  • 5 They fear failure

    Some people are held back from exploring new territories by the fear of failure, as they don't want to go through an unsuccessful experience. 

  • 6 They don't like change

    Some people prefer stability over change and meet any changes with rejection. 

  • 7 They prefer the easy way

    Some people don't like exploring the unknown because it would require effort and the consequences of it are unknown. In this case, they prefer to just keep living the easy way.

  • 8 They are overthinkers

    People who overthink every matter will face a hard time when presented with an unknown situation since it allows them to overthink endless possibilities.

  • 9 They are conditioned to the easy life

    People who grew up in a financially and socially stable family might not want to venture into the unknown because they're conditioned to living an easy life without surprises or difficulties.

  • 10 They focus on the negative side

    Some people only focus on the negative side of things, so when they're presented with a new and unpredictable opportunity, they fixate on the negative aspects and leave out the good ones.

  • 11 They don't want to get hurt

    Some people's fear of getting hurt -financially or physically- prevents them from exploring new things.

  • 12 They're afraid of the consequences

    Some people are afraid of the consequences associated with the unknown and new territories, which keeps them from jumping into new experiences.