Why is it important for digital marketers to use chatbots

  • 1 over 2.5 billion people use messaging apps

    Using messaging apps has proved to be growing in the number of people using them, and there are no signs of slowing this down. According to The Economist, this number might reach 3.6 billion in the next couple of years. 

  • 2 people spend over 50 minutes daily on facebook

    According to the vice president of marketing and insight at ComScore, The majority of facebook messenger users are in the 18-34 age group. Facebook chatbots are very important for digital marketers to guarantee a wide number of audience.   

  • 3 60 billion messages are processed daily

    According to The Verge, 60 billion messages are processed daily on whatsapp and facebook messenger. This is three times in number as many as SMSing.


  • 4 messaging apps are used more than social networks

    Starting from 2015, the use of the top messaging apps have become wider that the use of social networking websites. 

  • 5 to be responsive 24/7

    A survey was made to see how many people agree that brands should respond over messaging rather than social network websites; 51% people agreed and only 3.6% disagreed. 

  • 6 messaging is a priority to costumers

    Messaging is the #1 preferred costumer service platform for people from the US, South Korea, India, and Singapore.   

  • 7 66% communicate with brands through messaging

    People don't check their emails every day. They like to get notified when they receive a message, which makes it easier for brands to get fast responses from their audience. 

  • 8 users open texts 98% of the time

    Business owners usually get frustrated because of the low number of clicks they get via email. Consumers stopped opening emails from brands because of the large number of spam emails they get. Texting is still legitimate with only 1% chances of spam emails.    

  • 9 adults text 23 hours weekly

    'Be where your costumers are'; with the high number of people using messaging apps 23 hours weekly, messaging apps should be your new way of reaching your costumers.  

  • 10 people respond to texts in less than 90 seconds

    People respond to text messages within less than 90 seconds over Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, while email responses take about 90 minutes.  

  • 11 chatbots are the future

    According to David Marcos, head of facebook messenger, it has been estimated that over 30% of all web browsing will be done through chatbots by the year 2020   

  • 12 10% of people love texting

    Almost 10% of the world's population use chatbots, as it's easier for them to receive the information they need concerning brands or social life.