Why is film criticism important

  • 1 It raises awareness

    Film critics contribute in raising awareness of independent, non-commercial and foreign films. This could help people explore different mediums of audio visual communication.    

  • 2 It helps people see movies in different ways

    Strong and insightful film criticism can help people interpret movies in a total different way. It could also help people learn about the whole process of making films starting from pre-production and all the way to post.

  • 3 They have a strong impact on the viewers

    Film criticism can beat social impact schemes, even if the movie made the widest marketing campaigns. An example for that can be the strong effect the criticism of Fantastic Four had on the box office despite all the propaganda the film made.      

  • 4 It puts movies in the marketplace

    Film producers think that film criticism is essential for the movie to get out in the marketplace. Having a movie reviewed is always better than not being reviewed at all even if some reviews are negative. 

  • 5 It helps shape the film industry

    Film criticism offer people in the field of filmmaking a chance to relish their acting, directing, art directing, and cinematographic techniques. By highlighting the good and the bad in each and every film, the film industry changes and evolves. 

  • 6 It assures the importance of film

    Without film criticism, the importance of films and documentaries will be diminished. We will lose the true meaning of this art medium if it isn't fully examined. 

  • 7 It deepens the study of cinema

    Film critics exist essentially to encourage discussions about this kind of art. They don't write their own reviews to tell people what to see or what not to see, they simply give opinions knowing that other critics will disagree with them, which enhances viewers' perception of films.   

  • 8 It helps us understand filmmaking

    Movie-goers who explore critics' professional reviews on films could learn a great deal about the process of filmmaking through the deep analysis of cinematographic, montage, and directing techniques in each and every film.   

  • 9 It helps us explore genres

    Everyone knows the very classic film genres; drama, comedy, action horrors..etc., while many films out there today have explored a whole new world of genres. Critics of all kinds are responsible for naming every new wave that comes up like 'travelogue films', for instance.  

  • 10 They make history

    A lot of film waves came to light after critics gave the films names. In the 1940's, for instance, a group of filmmakers made films that were very different than the Italian films that were screened in theaters at the time. Those films had humanist themes and critics called them neo-realism films.