Why is my attention span getting shorter?

    Why is my attention span getting shorter?

  • 1 Information explosion

    Some studies claim that the information available to us doubles every 12 months and is expected to double every 12 hours. The information explosion has resulted in shortening our attention spans.

  • 2 The explosion of marketing messages

    The streets in the seventies didn't have one tenth of the ads the streets have now. The more people are bombarded by marketing messages, the shorter their attention spans will get.

  • 3 Distractions reduce attention spans

    'The attention span is the amount of time concentrated on a task without becoming distracted'. Because our world is now full of distractions, the attention span of people is getting shorter (See also how to improve your attention span).

  • 4 Social networks

    Social networks play a major role in shortening attention spans with their never ending notifications. A person who follows social networks regularly won't be able to focus on a task for a long period of time without getting distracted.

  • 5 Smartphones

    The smartphone revolution has contributed greatly to the shortening of the attention span. In addition to the distractions present in the streets and everywhere else, the mobile phone now distracts people with its never ending notifications.

  • 6 The maturity of the internet's infrastructure

    Thanks to the advancement in technology, the telecommunications and internet infrastructure are covering more and more places with their networks. Currently we live in an always-online world where we can receive notifications and become distracted almost everywhere.

  • 7 Instant results and loss of patience

    The fact that the internet now delivers instant results for so many things resulted in a less patient generation. New generations can hardly wait and as a result they have very short attention spans (See why are some people impatient).

  • 8 Always checking notifications

    People who constantly check for new notifications keep reducing their attention spans without noticing.

  • 9 Cluttered websites are a part of the problem

    When a person browses a cluttered website he can easily get distracted by an ad, a site link or a flashing banner. This makes it harder to focus and results in reducing the attention span even more.

  • 10 The introduction of new products faster

    Long ago there weren't as many products as there are now and the speed of introducing new ones wasn't as fast. Thanks to advancement in technology, every day a person can come across some new product that battles for a share of his attention.

  • 11 Multitasking

    Multitasking reduces the attention span. When a person constantly shifts his focus from one task to another fast, his attention span is shortened.