why isn't Apple IOS open source

    why isn't Apple IOS open source

  • 1 Jobs wanted tight control

    Steve Jobs always wanted to be in control of every single detail. This of course included the user's experience. By making the IOS closed, Apple was able to tightly control all elements of the operating system.

  • 2 To provide perfect integration

    Steve Jobs was a perfectionist. He wanted everything to be perfect. He didn't want something to go wrong as a result of poor integration between software and hardware. He knew that controlling both the hardware and the OS would result in a perfect performance.

  • 3 To provide exceptional quality

    Steve Jobs believed quality was above everything. He concluded that the best way to control quality was to not let others tweak the Apple OS. To protect the quality of Apple products and to provide the best user experience, he decided that the IOS should be closed.

  • 4 Jobs knew how hackers mess with devices

    When Jobs was young, he saw hackers messing with all parts of computers by adding and removing hardware. Because he wanted to create perfect products, he decided to prevent hackers from tweaking his future products.

  • 5 To protect brand image

    Apple's products are clearly not for everyone. They are sold at premium prices and are acquired by people who can afford to pay more for a phone. Had apple made its IOS open, it would have ruined the brand image by appearing on cheap devices.

  • 6 There was no Andriod back then

    When the IOS was launched, the Andriod phone wasn't present yet. Apple was the only player in a new market of advanced smart phones. This gave Apple a powerful edge and allowed it to succeed with a closed source OS.