why narcissists are so cruel

  • 1 They have no empathy

    A typical narcissist has no empathy for the feelings of others. This means that the narcissist might not be able to imagine the amount of pain they are inflicting on others. For this reason, narcissists can become so cruel.

  • 2 They crush their enemies

    Narcissists have a strong desire to take revenge on those who made them feel bad. A typical n arcissist won't just seek revenge, but they will try to crush those people who annoyed them completely.

  • 3 Their egos blind them

    Narcissists get blinded by their egos to the extent that they can take ruthless actions while justifying them to themselves. Their inner logic will make them think that the people they hurt deserve the bad treatment.

  • 4 They can devalue you instantly

    Once a narcissist decides that someone should be ignored or devalued, they do it instantly. A narcissist won't have second thoughts about cutting someone out of their lives completely. See why narcissists devalue you.

  • 5 They think you deserve it

    Narcissists have a twisted inner logic that makes them think that anybody who challenges them in a bad way or tries to hurt them deserves the worst kind of treatment possible. This twisted inner logic is one of the reasons why narcissists can be so cruel.

  • 6 They are self-absorbed

    Narcissists are extremely self-absorbed. This way of thinking sometimes lets them harm others just because they want their own best interest.

  • 7 They want to hurt you

    When narcissists hate someone, they do their best to hurt them. They can come up with creative ways to harm them or make them suffer. The lack of empathy results in a strong desire to hurt others. See also why narcissists lie.