Why narcissists lie

  • 1 To exaggerate their worth

    Narcissists might lie to make themselves seem more important and to exaggerate their own worth. Narcissists might lie to create stories that match their inflated egos.

  • 2 To keep their fans

    Narcissists might lie to keep their fans close to them. Narcissists need to be appreciated by their fans and so some of them might lie to keep those fans.

  • 3 To impress people

    Narcissists try to impress people all the time. Some narcissists might use lies in order to impress people and make them think highly of them.

  • 4 To manipulate people

    Narcissists might lie in order to manipulate a person or control them. A typical narcissist is usually good at manipulating others and one of the manipulation tools some narcissists use is lying. See why do people lie

  • 5 To seem superior

    Narcissists will do their best in order to seem superior to others, especially the ones they care about. A narcissist might lie about their achievements in order to seem superior to others. 

  • 6 To satisfy their egos

    Narcissists have very big egos. If they aren't happy with their achievements, they might lie in order to satisfy their egos and make themselves feel worthy.

  • 7 To get more attention

    Narcissists are attention seekers by nature. If they fail to get the attention they are after, some of them might start to lie in order to get that attention. See why some people are attention seekers.

  • 8 To be admired

    Narcissists always chase the narcissistic supply, or the positive attention they get when they impress someone. In order to get the kind of admiration they always want some narcissists might become liars.

  • 9 To lie to themselves

    Narcissists sometimes lie to themselves and believe in those lies. The purpose of those lies is to feed their egos and their exaggerated self-worth. See also why narcissists devalue you.

  • 10 To attract someone

    Narcissists might lie in order to attract people to them, especially if they are interested in that person. A narcissist might go lengths to prove to that person that they are truly superior. 

  • 11 To have multiple relationships

    Narcissists will usually lie to their lovers in order to keep their other relationships secret. A typical narcissist would want to be surrounded by more than one admirer at the same time.

  • 12 To avoid appearing ordinary

    A typical narcissist will hate to appear like an ordinary person. A narcissist might lie if they realize that others don't think highly of them.