why older men like dating younger women

  • 1 to boost their ego

    As men age, they usually tend to lose their self-confidence. Younger women make them appear more important in modern society, and that's why they usually date them.

  • 2 they are more fertile

    Some men go out with younger women with the aim of starting a family with them. Those men usually believe that younger women are more fertile.

  • 3 to regain their youth

    Younger women tend to laugh more, smile more and have fun. Older men usually date younger women to regain their youth.

  • 4 To make other people jealous

    An old man can date a younger women to make their peers envious.

  • 5 curiosity about the world

    Some men like to see the world from young women's perspective, as it allows them to see life differently. 

  • 6 for the mutual learning

    It's easy to learn thing with a younger partner. For instance, a younger woman could help her partner know about political developments.

  • 7 they're emotionally stable

    Some men assume that older women have emotional hang-ups and younger women don't. Such men are only attracted to younger women for their innocence and purity. 

  • 8 they're naive

    Older men have a lot of experience in life, as they've seen many thing that younger women haven't seen, so it's easier for a man to control a younger woman than an old one.

  • 9 it makes them healthier

    Younger women are definitely more active than their older partners. This gives older men a motive to become healthier.  

  • 10 they're open-minded

    Men sometimes date younger women because they're open-minded, and they're less likely to judge them or put them down. 

  • 11 they're hotter

    Younger women are usually in good shape, they're in better health and they're also more fun than older women. 

  • 12 they appreciate older men

    On older women could put her partner down because of her rationalism, while a younger woman could easily appreciate an older man because of her immaturity.