Why people don't reply to your emails

    Why people don't reply to your emails

  • 1 they receive a lot of emails every day

    The average number of emails a person gets daily could reach 90 emails. A person with an important title like the CEO, for instance, won't quickly reply to your email unless you give them a hint first through a phone call or a personal meeting.  

  • 2 you wrote too much

    People usually take around 20 seconds to read an email. If you write something that exceeds 65 words or if the email isn't interesting enough, you probably won't get a reply.  

  • 3 they don't want your product

    If you send sales emails, then consider increasing your number of potential costumers. People aren't usually interested in sales emails unless the product means something to them.   

  • 4 what you said wasn't important

    If your email wasn't relevant to the recipient, or in other words, your proposal in the email wasn't important to them, then you should expect that it's not likely to hear back from them. 

  • 5 your email was rude or blunt

    People usually tend to avoid negativity, so if your email takes the approach of 'you're not doing the right thing' or if you use words like 'not, no, can't' then people might ignore your email. 

  • 6 your email sounded like a robot

    People like talking to humans and not machines. If your email is too professional or sounds like it's an automated service, people could easily ignore your email.

  • 7 you asked them to do many things

    If you want someone to reply to your email, don't ask them to do many things. Human brains usually process within 10 to 15 seconds and they can't read more than 200 words per email, so always keep your proposal simple in order to encourage the reader to take the next step. 

  • 8 you didn't ask them to do anything

    People won't respond to your email unless you give them a little encouragement. If you don't include a call to action in your email then you'll probably lose your reader's interest.  

  • 9 they're busy

    People receive over 150 advertisements everyday while they're too busy doing other important things, so always consider that your costumers might easily forget about your email.  

  • 10 It's too professional

    Some emails tend to be overly professional. If you want to grab your reader's attention then you must make your email simple and personal.

  • 11 you were trying too hard

    Being nervous, apologetic, overly zealous, or too understanding of how busy the recipient is, might send a message to your recipients that you lack confidence in what you're proposing, which could lead them to not trust you.      

  • 12 they weren't the right people to talk to

    If you don't know who you should talk to then you must reconsider your potential recipients. People who aren't going to benefit from your email won't respond to you.