Why some men get plastic surgery

  • 1 They have Dorian Gray syndrome

    Dorian Gray syndrome is a condition where a person tries to live up to the expectations of their self-image. If a man believes they should always be good looking then they might keep up with that belief by using beauty products.

  • 2 They have Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

    Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a disorder where the person develops an imaginary ugly mental picture of themselves. While the person might actually look normal or even good-looking, they still see themselves as ugly. BDD can motivate people to undergo plastic surgery.

  • 3 They are narcissists

    Narcissists have a very big ego that gives them a sense of entitlement in life. This entitlement could also include the belief that they should look good all the time. As a result of this belief, they might get motivated to do plastic surgery.

  • 4 To support their career

    Celebrities, actors, public figures and men involved in careers that put high weight to their looks might undergo plastic surgeries to support their careers.

  • 5 They have high self-esteem

    People with high self-esteem usually focus on the way they look. Those people usually keep a fit body and might consider plastic surgery to have better looks.

  • 6 They fear aging

    Some men experience denial when they start to age. This denial can motivate those men to start doing plastic surgery in order to look younger.

  • 7 To look more Muscular

    Many men are pressured to look more muscular by their societies. Those men might thus get plastic surgery in order to enhance their masculine self-image.

  • 8 To attract women

    Some men believe that looks are extremely important for women the way they are important for them. Those men might go through plastic surgery in order to attract women.

  • 9 To match their personalities

    Some men feel that they don't like their personalities. Those men might get plastic surgeries to look like the person they believe they should look like.

  • 10 To not look tired

    Some men do plastic surgery in order to look active and less tired. Those men usually remove the puffs under their eyes and do other procedures that make them look more energetic.

  • 11 They are pressured to look good

    Just like women are pressured to look good through excessive exposure to overly feminine images of women, men are also pressured to look good. Under this pressure some men decide to go for plastic surgery.