Why some people don't like using plastic bags

  • 1 They think they're bad for the environment

    Some people think that plastic bags are bad for our land and water. Plastic bags are lightweight so they can travel for long distances and stick between branches of trees or land on water.  

  • 2 They're made of non-renewable resources

    Plastic bags are made from non-renewable resources, which could contribute to climate change. Most plastic bags are made of polypropylene, which is a material made of petroleum and natural gas.   

  • 3 It's responsible for waste of energy

    A lot of energy is used to produce plastic bags. The amount of energy needed to drive a car for one kilometer is the same amount of energy needed to produce plastic bags.  

  • 4 They don't degrade

    Because bags are made of extraction of petroleum, they never degrade. Instead, they break down into small pieces and spread all over the oceans.  

  • 5 They're harmful to wildlife

    Birds, animals and marine life such as turtles, usually mistake plastic bags and other plastic materials for food, and when those animals consume these plastic bags, their digestive system gets infected.    

  • 6 They're harmful to human health

    Some chemicals in plastic bags can become really harmful to the functioning of hormones in the human body. In addition, most plastic bags (which marine animals feed on) in the oceans carry a lot of poisonous chemicals that could be transferred to humans.    

  • 7 They're expensive

    The amount of money spent on plastic bag clean up is about 7 cents per bag, so in average the taxpayers pay around $80 per year on plastic bag waste.  

  • 8 They're not easy to recycle

    Plastic bags are not easy to recycle. Recycling facilities do not have the capacity to recycle plastic bags and they don't accept them. Therefore, the rate of recycling is only 5%